Posted in: Dining Posted on: May 22nd, 2015

Dining and Nightlife in Cary, NC

Photo Credit: Public Domain

If it’s your first time living in Cary, North Carolina, then you probably have a bit of exploring to do when it comes to the local restaurant scene. You’ve had a long few days of unpacking, though — so let us do it for you. Here’s a list of our top picks for dining and bars in Cary.

French Cuisine for Breakfast: La Farm Bakery

Inspired by the travels of owner Lionel and wife Missy, La Farm Bakery brings the culinary traditions of France stateside. This means that the kitchen team uses baking and cooking techniques that were perfected long ago in Europe. Sit down in the café for the classic croque madame in the morning, featuring locally sourced ham and bread from La Farm’s own oven, or just stop in and grab a white chocolate baguette to go.

Local Ingredients in Every Dish: Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

If you asked the head chef at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen where he gets his ingredients, he’d be able to point you to specific farms, dairies, and markets around North Carolina. In fact, Lucky 32 uses so many local ingredients that it dedicates an entire page of its website to bios of the purveyors. Taste the fresh flavors in a plate of black bean cakes, a side of whipped sweet potatoes, or pulled pork smothered with the signature voodoo sauce.

Taste Authentic Turkish Cuisine: Bosphorous

Ground beef and lamb blended with onions, fresh garlic, and herbs and spices; seared and smothered with yogurt-garlic sauce and marinara; all piled on top of bread. Pita, bulgur pilaf, and grilled veggies come on the side. This is the ali nazik, just one of many traditional Turkish dishes that wins rave reviews from eaters at Bosphorous. Save enough room for the warm baklava, though, because it also earns high marks from regulars.

Creative Southern and Asian Fusion Fare: An

When locals have something to celebrate, most of them head to An. Although it might be a little bit upscale for an everyday dinner, the eatery dishes out Asian fusion cuisine that’s perfect for a special night out. From roasted sea bass to chicken and waffles, the menu encompasses a fun mix of Southern and Japanese cuisine that caters to a wide array of tastes. Don’t forget to check out the sushi and sake menus, too.

Throw Back a Pint: Doherty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to grab a pint and a bowl of hearty stew, you’ve found it. Doherty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant pays homage to pubs across the pond in its draft list and food menu. Although some of the dishes change with the seasons, you can always count on a pour of Guinness or Smithwick’s Irish Ale. They both come in 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce glasses. Use your ale to wash down a classic Irish eat, like fish and chips or beef and Guinness stew, or to wash down fun fusion fare like the Irish shrimp and grits.