Posted in: Nightlife Posted on: Jul 13th, 2016

Get the Scoop on Nightlife Near NC State!

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The college experience encompasses a lot of things: making new friends, studying hard, discovering a newfound sense of independence. It also means enjoying things previously unavailable to you, one of which is getting a taste of the nightlife scene. Embracing the late nights and parties around you in the four or so years you spend at college is something you won’t always be able to do, so why not take advantage of the opportunity while you can? With that said, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of things to do near North Carolina State University, especially after nightfall. Here are some top nightlife picks in and around the school.

Start the Night Right

Before you hit the clubs, it is important to gear up properly. This means eating some good food and perhaps having a few drinks in a low-key setting with good company. You could just go to your nearby dining hall, but to maximize your fun, head out to a classic college bar. Take your friends to Mitch’s Tavern, a long-standing establishment located close to campus. With a mouthwatering regular menu and set of specials, Mitch’s fare can best be described as Italian-meets-Mexican-meets-barbecue. If you’re looking to splurge a little bit more, the Carolina Ale House offers hearty bar food with a substantial collection of great beers on tap. With a full stomach and a clear head, you’ll be prepared for the next phase of your night.

Go Big

It would be hard to call it a night out if you simply went to a restaurant and then headed back to your dorm. When it comes to nightlife near North Carolina State University, you have numerous options. If you’re in the mood to take excitement up a notch by heading out to a few nightclubs, Noir Bar & Lounge is a great place to start — it offers a full bar and live DJs. Still Life is another good choice, especially if you’re looking for a place with an outdoor patio. This club has the added benefit of admitting people who are at least 18 in (instead of 21 and over), making it a go-to if you have someone in your group who isn’t drinking age. You can top things off at Solas, which has three levels, one of which is a rooftop bar with great views. Hopping from one spot to another is all a part of the experience, so make the rounds and enjoy yourself!

The After-Party

Every party should have an after-party. There’s no better way to wind down a night of dancing, meeting new people, and yelling over loud music like heading over to a place with late-night snacks. For tacos and burritos, there’s Armadillo Grill, which is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. If you need a hot dog, Snoopy’s is open until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday—perfect for those extra late nights. Should you decide to call it an early night, there’s still grub for you; Char-Grill offers classic American diner-style food until 1 a.m.

College is all about experiencing new things in new places; nightlife is just one aspect of that, albeit a unique and fun one. Head out and have the time of your life!