Posted in: University Posted on: Oct 28th, 2015

Tips for Living Off-Campus Near NC State University

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Many of our residents are students at North Carolina State University. If that is the case for you, congratulations! You will look back on the next few years as an important and meaningful time in your life, and we are interested in helping you make the best of this experience by offering convenient off-campus housing near the North Carolina State University. Students that are happy with their off-campus housing find that they are better prepared for focusing on their studies, making lifelong friends, and getting the most out of their time in school. Please use the following tips as a helpful how-to guide for settling into your new living situation.

Figure Out Your Finances

Before making a binding commitment to your lease, it is important to have your personal budget determined. Most people may not enjoy this step, but you will certainly sleep better once you know for sure how much money you have at your disposal each month, the amount you possess in savings, and how much you’ll receive through different sources of income (part-time employment, scholarships, Financial Aid, etc.). Think of your budget as a plan you can use to ensure the stability of your finances for the academic year. There are online resources that may also help you manage your money, such as This website has tools to help you create a budget, make online payments for your bills, and even check your credit score! You can also download the app so that you may access their resources on the go. Once you have your system figured out, keeping track of your finances will become a routine task in your regular schedule that will not cause you any undue strain.

Meet Your Neighbors!

Once you have settled into your off-campus apartment,one of your first tasks should be to get to know your neighbors. This may seem like an outdated suggestion in the Internet Age, but it is a good practice to keep. We believe in maintaining a happy and united community and it is up to every resident to make sure that goal is realized. One way to start forming relationships with your neighbors is to be, well, neighborly! If someone in your building plans to travel, offer to check in on his or her pet, water the plants, or bring in the mail. The plus side is, once you have helped someone, it is okay to ask that person for help when you need it!

Down to Business

One technique that will help you manage stress and be successful in your educational endeavor is establishing steady study habits. It might be easier or more convenient to put off an assignment until the night before it is due, but wouldn’t it be less stressful to complete the work in parts each day or each week, so that you aren’t pulling crazy late night cramming sessions? The best practice is to begin good habits in the beginning of the semester and to maintain them throughout the entire year. Try to commit the same times in your schedule each week to studying, and try to figure out the best study spots. Music can also help you stay focused during your study session.

With these tips, you will certainly have a great experience living NC State.